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EnlivenHealth’s powerful and proven appointment-based Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) solution measurably improves adherence, health outcomes and retention, while significantly increasing script volume growth.

Whether you’re already using a Med Sync system, or you are just starting to evaluate solutions, we can get you started on a path to providing the best patient care and value-added services without disrupting your pharmacy practice.

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Medication nonadherence is a $500 billion problem for the U.S. healthcare system. For pharmacies, nonadherence significantly impacts patient health outcomes and retention, PDC scores and DIR fees. In fact, a recently published meta-analysis by the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA) found that patients are three times more likely to be adherent to their medications if they are enrolled in an appointment-based medication synchronization program.

Appointment-based Med Sync from EnlivenHealth™ streamlines the pharmacy workflow by automating traditionally manual and time-consuming tasks while leveraging pharmacy data to bring nonadherent patients back into compliance with their medication plan. This frees up staff to focus on administering vaccinations and providing other value-based services that keep patients healthy, happy and loyal, while driving pharmacy business results.

The result is healthier, happier patients, and measurably better pharmacy business results. These include stronger quality scores, increased patient retention and higher script growth.


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Powerful Benefits of Appointment-based Med Sync from EnlivenHealth:

Increase Profitability

Patient enrollment in medication synchronization results in an average 2.3% increase over current script volume growth

Increase Patient Retention

Patient satisfaction from appointment-based medication management leads to a 14% increase in patient retention

Improve Operational Efficiency

EnlivenHealth’s proven appointment-based pharmacy model automates scheduling, patient communications and reporting, freeing up the pharmacists’ time to focus on patient care and shift to revenue-generating value-based services

Clinical Decision Support

Ensures that pharmacies accurately target populations with clinical interventions that can measurably improve medication adherence and PDC scores

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Measurably improve patient health outcomes while ensuring the long-term health of your business.
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Solutions for Pharmacies

Intelligent Clinical Solutions

  • Medication Synchronization (Med Sync)
  • CareScheduler
  • Immunization Solutions
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Opioid Mitigation Solution

Communications Solutions

  • EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications
  • Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Mobile App

The Results

11 Million

patient communications delivered a month

Every 9 Seconds 

a patient is enrolled in our appointment-based Medication Synchronization platform

4% Increase

in patient retention among enrolled patients

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