The 2024 DIR Fee Hangover Playbook

Starting in January 2024, traditionally retroactive DIR fees will instead be applied at the point-of-sale. The problem? The last of the retroactive fees are set to hit right when the new point-of-sale fees kick in. It's enough to make pharmacy owners toss and turn at night.

But there's a solution. More specifically, a game plan.

In "The 2024 DIR Fee Hangover Playbook: How to Keep Your Pharmacy in the Game," the experts at EnlivenHealth lay out a comprehensive action plan that will not only help you survive the DIR hangover, but also come out of it even stronger.

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What's Inside

Inside this playbook, you'll find helpful, actionable recommendations that you and your pharmacy staff can use to prepare for the DIR hangover. From learning offensive and defensive strategies to creating your own personal action plan, this e-book is the comprehensive DIR hangover guide you've been looking for.

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The DIR Fee Hangover is just another example of how in business (especially pharmacy) we are constantly hit with adversity. I feel there is always a silver lining when hit with these adversities. Planning for the future, investing financially in your business, looking for diversity, or just being hungrier will make our pharmacies stronger and resilient to the adversities thrown at us.

Mat Slakoper (President, Mat's Pharmacy & Medical Supply)